McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Rita A  21 Dec 1931McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I17845
2 ALBERS, Rose Gertrude  29 Aug 1933McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I5563
3 ALBERS, Thecla Bertha  14 May 1937McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I16129
4 ALTERMATT, Henrietta E  11 Feb 1896McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I20437
5 BARHORST, Charline Elizabeth  20 Aug 1928McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I7145
6 BARHORST, Clarissa Clara  19 Jan 1920McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I31730
7 BARHORST, Marilyn A  15 Jul 1935McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I31740
8 BAUMER, Alma Katherine  23 Sep 1914McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I30204
9 BAUMER, Andrew Clemens  25 Feb 1925McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I30154
10 BAUMER, Herman  7 Feb 1895McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I54176
11 BAUMER, Lawrence G  17 Dec 1922McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I30156
12 BAUMER, Wilbert J  21 Mar 1916McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I709
13 BEHR, Cletus Anthony  18 Jan 1934McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I14009
14 BENSMAN, Eugene J  18 Jun 1927McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I64534
15 BENSMAN, Rita Rose  24 Feb 1922McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13976
16 BENSMAN, Ruth Ann  25 Jul 1929McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I29143
17 BENSMAN, Theresa I  31 Dec 1929McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I9077
18 BENSMAN, Wilfred A  3 Feb 1928McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I24777
19 BERGMAN, Jerald A  22 Feb 1946McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I22942
20 BERNING, Agnes Hilda  24 Mar 1905McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I77716
21 BERNING, Anna M  4 Jun 1895McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I15047
22 BERNING, James Roger  28 Dec 1935McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I34894
23 BERNING, Lucille H  3 Aug 1916McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I32298
24 BLANKE, Edith J  2 May 1928McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I52243
25 BOEKE, Vernon S  19 Jul 1944McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I88074
26 BOERGER, Carol Jane  13 Nov 1941McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I328
27 BOERGER, Velma Edith Marie  1 Apr 1943McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I332
28 BORNHORST, Anthony Charles  10 Nov 1897McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I1753
29 BORNHORST, Lester B  16 Feb 1923McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I1332
30 BORNHORST, Martha V  2 Mar 1926McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I1538
31 BORNHORST, Norma C  13 Sep 1913McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I2133
32 BORNHORST, Richard A  8 Nov 1945McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I63963
33 BRUNS, Marie A  3 Nov 1921McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I56192
34 BUEHLER, Adolph H  14 May 1900McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13102
35 BUEHLER, Alfred John  4 Feb 1897McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13092
36 BUEHLER, Leo Robert  6 Jun 1927McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27229
37 BUEHLER, Matilda Ann  26 Jan 1899McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13100
38 BUEHLER, Orville John  28 Jul 1923McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27227
39 BUEHLER, Raymond William  20 Mar 1922McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27226
40 BUEHLER, Roman George  13 Mar 1925McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27228
41 BUEHLER, Virginia Catherine  1 Dec 1920McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I376
42 DEITERS, John  1856McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I56195
43 DREES, Agnes Christina  20 Oct 1890McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27433
44 DREES, Eleanor  27 Feb 1896McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I85680
45 DREES, Frances Mary  28 Dec 1900McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I28669
46 DREES, Joseph Andrew  4 Apr 1893McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I50976
47 DREES, Julius William  25 Aug 1888McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I136513
48 DREES, Katherine Bernadina  May 1878McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I85682
49 DREES, Leonard Albert  11 Sep 1890McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I136514
50 DREES, Mary Elizabeth  24 Dec 1891McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I136515

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BANKEMPER, Anne M.  18 May 1914McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I2138
2 BARHORST, Fred F  1 Jun 1957McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I110262
3 BAUMER, Catherine  26 Jul 1934McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27225
4 BAUMER, Frederick Herman  14 Jan 1968McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I3698
5 BAUMER, John  1936McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I54174
6 BENSMAN, Virgil Anthony  29 Jun 1952McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I64549
7 BERNHOLD, Caroline  17 Feb 1931McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I101834
8 BORNHORST, Clemens  9 Nov 1931McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I2137
9 BORNHORST, Leo H  28 Jan 1980McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I63970
10 BROERMAN, Mary Ann  17 Oct 1978McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I75573
11 BRUNS, August Clem  20 May 1926McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I5603
12 BRUNS, Clara Elizabeth  29 Jun 1950McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I49848
13 BUEHLER, Orville John  7 Jul 1934McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27227
14 BUEHLER, Raymond William  22 Mar 1922McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I27226
15 BUEHLER, Raymond William  21 Mar 1969McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13090
16 DEITERS, Catherine  25 Feb 1932McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I56201
17 DREES, Johann Michael  26 Mar 1941McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I24635
18 DREES, Julius William  7 Jun 1898McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I136513
19 DREES, Leonard Albert  5 Dec 1890McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I136514
20 DREES, Viola Elenora  1 Jul 1897McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I136517
21 ELKING, Marie E  14 Jul 2020McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I19932
22 ENNEKING, Mary Anna  8 Apr 1958McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I3231
23 ESSER, Frances M  31 Aug 2007McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I35886
24 FISCHER, Velma F  8 Aug 1967McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I54510
25 FLAUTE, Henry  19 Dec 1953McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I34012
26 FRILLING, Pauline  12 May 1916McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I22871
27 GRILLIOT, Bernard Francis  23 Nov 1977McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I28693
28 GROGAN, Ada E  8 Feb 1986McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I30835
29 GUDORF, Louis A  16 Jun 1924McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I63133
30 HACKEMOELLER, Anna Maria  10 Apr 1942McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I34041
31 HEITKAMP, Elizabeth Agnes  27 Jan 1899McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I75539
32 HENKE, Loretta  21 Mar 1949McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I43358
33 HILGEFORT, Josephine M  1 Nov 1949McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I2177
34 HOELSCHER, Armella V  13 Dec 2020McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13810
35 HOLTHAUS, Bernard Edward  2 Feb 2017McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13029
36 HOYING, Charles John  28 Nov 1986McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I21813
37 HOYING, Linda S  26 Jul 2003McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I36918
38 HOYING, Marcellus John  19 Mar 1928McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I79056
39 KNUEFNER, Frank  5 Mar 1920McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I31300
40 LAUTERBUR, Lucille I  27 Sep 1977McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I98118
41 LEHMKUHL, Mary Ann  27 Apr 1972McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I50985
42 LEUGERS, Gerard  12 Apr 1956McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I30829
43 LIESNER, Agnes Maria  7 Oct 1945McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I80896
44 MERTZ, Christine Mary  7 Apr 1922McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I75907
45 MEYER, Charles G  9 Feb 2001McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I26467
46 NABER, Mary  5 Dec 1927McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I38968
47 NEVES, Sarah Anna  20 Jul 1932McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I131237
48 OTTING, Verona  24 Sep 2015McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I31926
49 PLEIMAN, Jerome Adolph  10 Apr 2002McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I25370
50 POEPPELMAN, August Henry  19 Jul 1960McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I50973

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MEYER, Dorothea Catherine  8 Mar 1986McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I13091


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BARHORST, Fred F  McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I110262
2 BOERGER, Herbert Julius  McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I326
3 DREES, Johann Michael  McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I24635
4 SCHWARTZ, Leander H  McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I49587
5 WATERCUTTER, Frank S  McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio I63491


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FARNO / SCHROEDER  29 Aug 1944McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio F1618
2 SCHWARTZ / GRILLIOT  27 Jul 1957McCartyville, Shelby County, Ohio F10658