Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALSTER, Frank Adolph  21 Mar 1906Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I16547
2 BALSTER, Rita R  29 Jan 1942Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I20804
3 BERTKE, Alvina Josephine  2 Apr 1907Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27355
4 BERTKE, Bernadine Ida  27 Aug 1881Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27180
5 BERTKE, Carl Gerard  5 Aug 1921Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14523
6 BERTKE, Clarence Joseph  15 Aug 1919Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14526
7 BERTKE, Dorothea Anna  19 Nov 1925Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14532
8 BERTKE, Edward John  16 Nov 1909Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27356
9 BERTKE, Elmer Henry  14 Jun 1917Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27358
10 BERTKE, Gerhard Anton  17 Apr 1891Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27190
11 BERTKE, Helen Mary  27 Dec 1914Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27357
12 BERTKE, Henry John  3 Jul 1893Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I51335
13 BERTKE, Hilda Jane Mary  25 Feb 1905Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27354
14 BERTKE, John Bernard  24 Jun 1888Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14524
15 BERTKE, Joseph Bernard  13 Sep 1878Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14846
16 BERTKE, Josephine Agnes  3 Feb 1884Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27181
17 BERTKE, Junita Marie  15 Aug 1930Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14530
18 BERTKE, Lawrence Vincent  4 Jul 1912Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14844
19 BERTKE, Loretta Rose  25 Jan 1920Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14848
20 BERTKE, Mary Anne  20 Oct 1885Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27188
21 BERTKE, Wilma Josephine  14 Dec 1923Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14528
22 BOEHMER, James  22 May 1935Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I29448
23 BOEKE, Carrie Elizabeth  30 Jul 1911Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I68993
24 BROERMAN, Benita M  17 Dec 1932Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I17130
25 BROERMAN, Daniel Raymond  18 Mar 1934Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I43601
26 BUEHLER, Magdalena Mary  15 Sep 1881Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27445
27 CLUNE, Anthony Joseph  15 Jun 1896Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27170
28 CLUNE, Bernard John  3 Mar 1889Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27167
29 CLUNE, Joseph Aloys  7 Sep 1891Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27168
30 DAHLINGHAUS, Frances  5 Sep 1888Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I87909
31 DEPWEG, Frank Henry  27 Sep 1896Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I43815
32 EVERS, Marcella A  22 Nov 1903Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I5746
33 EVERS, Mildred E  4 Oct 1915Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I5815
34 EVERS, Roman Clem  20 Feb 1914Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I5779
35 EYINK, Alvina E  15 Oct 1913Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I75698
36 EYINK, Anna M  10 Nov 1911Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I75702
37 EYINK, Benard Henry  25 Jun 1896Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I48698
38 EYINK, Bernadette S  21 Nov 1906Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I75701
39 FORSTHOEFEL, Paul Charles  25 Mar 1922Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I16434
40 FORSTHOEFEL, Pauline Esther  1 Sep 1902Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I16470
41 FORSTHOEFEL, Ruth Mary  4 Dec 1923Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I16440
42 FORSTHOEFEL, William Bernard  9 Jul 1895Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I16433
43 FRANZER, Bernard J  5 Jan 1928Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I18746
44 FRANZER, Carl C  15 Feb 1921Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I18743
45 FRANZER, Casper  3 Oct 1872Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I67531
46 FRANZER, Catherine  19 Aug 1882Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I67528
47 FRANZER, Esther M  27 Jul 1923Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I18740
48 FRANZER, Leander W.  9 Nov 1914Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I17148
49 FRANZER, Mary C  14 Nov 1918Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I18747
50 FRANZER, Mildred M  16 Sep 1925Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I18738

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Catherine  30 Jul 1938Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I32980
2 BARHORST, Maria  3 Feb 1912Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I53609
3 BERTKE, Bernadine Ida  2 Apr 1886Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27180
4 BERTKE, Edward John  14 May 1911Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27356
5 BERTKE, John D  14 Oct 1911Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27177
6 BRUNS, Katharina Anna  29 Sep 1918Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I51131
7 CLUNE, Bernadina  18 May 1891Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27143
8 DAHLINGHAUS, Johann Bernard  28 Nov 1855Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I46390
9 DEPWEG, Amelia A  11 Oct 1964Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I73456
10 EVERS, Elizabeth Gertrude  10 Jul 1910Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I24988
11 EVERS, Mary K.  19 Feb 1961Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I1618
12 FRERICKS, Elizabeth A.  10 Aug 2014Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I11295
13 FRILLING, Mary Joan  16 Jun 2019Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I23098
14 GERLACH, Harold Edgar F.  8 Jun 1921Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I16655
15 HARTKE, Victor Paul  23 Dec 1968Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I95561
16 HECKMAN, Hilda  31 Oct 1950Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I96912
17 HEITKAMP, Leroy V  20 Dec 2018Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I90974
18 HESS, Henry Mathias  29 Dec 1960Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I26780
19 HEYNE, John K  20 Dec 1951Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I51130
20 HOYING, Herman Clemens  2 Apr 1954Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I24981
21 KEMPER, Philomena  14 Oct 1930Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I45895
22 KESSEN, John C  11 Jun 2014Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I54345
23 KRAMER, Louisa Maria  28 Nov 1889Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I73455
24 KREMER, Anton H.  28 Oct 1960Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I784
25 KREMER, Katherine  1903Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I807
26 LEHMAN, Katharine Frances  23 May 1923Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14847
27 LEHMAN, Magdelina M  13 Sep 1966Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27600
28 LINK, Donald J  12 Mar 2009Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I35716
29 MESCHER, Mary Angela  25 Jul 1871Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I46391
30 OLDING, Henry  21 Feb 1882Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I30787
31 PACHELHOFER, Barbara  24 Feb 1917Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I86207
32 POST, Bernard  7 Jun 1898Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I2610
33 PUTHOFF, Johan Heinrich  18 Dec 1928Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27182
34 ROSENGARTEN, Peter Ludwig  26 Sep 1917Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I30498
35 ROSENGARTEN, William Peter  1 Jul 1894Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I30765
36 STUDER, Peter Bernard  19 Jan 1960Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27185
37 WENDEL, Jacob  12 Mar 1924Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I73457
38 WENDEL, John  30 Dec 1946Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27599
39 WENNING, Irene M  1 Jul 2014Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I35953
40 WILL, George  12 Sep 1905Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I74516
41 WUEBKER, John F  7 Oct 1956Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I23537


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BERTKE, John D  17 Oct 1911Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27177
2 BERTKE, Joseph Bernard  7 Jan 1950Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14846
3 CLUNE, Bernadina  20 May 1891Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I27143
4 CLUNE, Philomena (Minnie)  25 Oct 1990Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I3439
5 EVERS, Victor Theodore  25 Aug 2001Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I3197
6 GERLACH, William  2 Dec 1971Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I16652
7 HOMAN, Marita  23 Jan 1986Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I3529
8 JUTTE, Lillian M  29 Dec 1988Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I3991
9 LEHMAN, Katharine Frances  Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14847
10 NERDERMAN, Urban Philip Bernard  Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I19612
11 POST, Bernard  Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I2610


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 STELZER, Werner William  Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I14964


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 OLDING, Peter  Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I42497
2 WUEBKER, Ludwig F  Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio I21341


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BERNING / WUEBKER  29 Aug 1987Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F1712
2 BERTKE / LEHMAN  2 Sep 1903Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F4970
3 BERTKE / NERDERMAN  18 Feb 1958Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F4825
4 BURRIS / BERTKE  21 Feb 1928Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F10674
5 CORDONNIER / KUNKLER  10 Jul 1993Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F4007
6 EVERS / HOYING  14 Jun 1934Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F1933
7 EVERS / HOYING  14 Jun 1939Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F1223
8 FORSTHOEFEL / STAUGLER  27 Nov 1889Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F5642
9 GOETTEMOELLER / ALBERS  23 May 1981Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F1514
10 GUGGENBILLER / FRANZER  23 Nov 1950Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F6542
11 KLOSTERMAN / GERLACH  6 Feb 1946Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F1458
12 LINK / BERTKE  4 May 1940Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F4971
13 LUCKING / BERTKE  25 Nov 1925Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F10672
14 PUTHOFF / BERTKE  10 Jan 1905Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F10000
15 STUDER / BERTKE  28 May 1931Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F10002
16 WILKER / ALBERS  27 May 1989Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F1516
17 WINKELJOHN / RILEY  9 Jan 1988Carthagena, Mercer County, Ohio F1310