Versailles, Darke County, Ohio



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BALTES, Bertha J  28 Mar 1923Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I43650
2 BALTES, Earl  27 Apr 1921Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I22252
3 BALTES, Martha Eileen  22 Jul 1921Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I107434
4 BALTES, Zelma  25 May 1915Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I2328
5 BARGA, Clara L  14 Mar 1929Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I105492
6 BARGA, Imogene L  31 Jan 1945Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I100371
7 BARGA, Mary E  3 Dec 1946Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I45714
8 BARGA, Rita Ellen  26 Feb 1924Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I105497
9 BERGER, Magloire Joseph  6 Sep 1907Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I55357
10 BERGER, Rosella Margaret  6 Dec 1917Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I85011
11 BULCHER, Edward Leo  14 May 1938Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I32781
12 BULCHER, Louisa Mary  8 Apr 1866Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I67030
13 COHEE, Jimmie D  24 Nov 1938Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I43332
14 DAPORE, Estella  1 Nov 1890Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I90606
15 DAPORE, Margaret L  19 Oct 1932Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I15463
16 DAPORE, Miriam R  28 Oct 1930Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I64133
17 DAPORE, Zita Octavia  12 Apr 1896Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I39361
18 DAVIDSON, Bernard Francis  4 Aug 1922Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I35995
19 DEMANGE, Earl F  13 Oct 1921Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I37972
20 DIDIER, Delores Ellen  27 Oct 1934Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I42679
21 DIDIER, Judith Elizabeth  17 Aug 1895Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I27963
22 DREES, Julia F  20 Dec 1911Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I68595
23 EHLERS, Anna L  25 Feb 1866Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I27222
24 FRANCIS, Paul Stephen  10 Mar 1930Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I51283
25 FRANTZ, Norma R  20 Sep 1936Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I17526
26 FRITZ, John N  25 Dec 1924Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I48887
27 GOUBEAUX, Virgil Paul  28 May 1921Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I48811
28 GRILLIOT, Elizabeth Y  23 Nov 1933Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I16831
29 GRILLOT, Florence T  12 Jun 1925Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I36886
30 GRILLOT, Forest Edward  17 Jan 1926Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I1150
31 GRILLOT, Marion A  15 Feb 1922Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I32665
32 GRILLOT, Mary J  1843Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I95790
33 GRILLOT, Vitales G.  12 Apr 1913Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I11909
34 GROFF, Francis  10 Oct 1858Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I35021
35 HECKMAN, Roger Edward  Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I29635
36 HENRY, Dorothy Marie  11 Feb 1924Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I71131
37 HENRY, James Peter  23 Sep 1915Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I25444
38 KISSINGER, Mary Gertrude  9 Dec 1915Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I51904
39 KREMER, Jeanette R  10 Mar 1947Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I18227
40 LEUGERS, Rosetta V  3 Jan 1916Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I33390
41 LEY, Louis  15 Jun 1860Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I41920
42 LEY, Nicholas A  31 Dec 1861Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I41941
43 LOCKER, Paul I  8 Jan 1938Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I85811
44 MAGOTEAUX, Albert  9 May 1887Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I48884
45 MAGOTEAUX, Ralph Edward  8 Jul 1914Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I18691
46 MAGOTO, Mary C  18 Oct 1870Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I51236
47 MANGEN, Mary Ann  29 Oct 1950Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I22006
48 MANGEN, Orville  28 Mar 1921Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I32721
49 MARCHAL, Louis Joseph  30 Mar 1880Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I15864
50 MARCHAL, Nicholas Louis  30 Mar 1880Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I53895

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BALTES, Curtis Paul  6 Mar 1985Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I67142
2 BALTES, John  12 Dec 1923Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I67139
3 BALTES, Thresa E  19 May 1973Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I102440
4 BARGA, Lucy Geneviene  24 Feb 2004Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I105493
5 BARHORST, Freda Marie  25 May 2001Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I24219
6 BARHORST, Magdalena  3 Jan 1991Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I24214
7 BENSMAN, Virgil John  23 Apr 2010Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I35204
8 BERGER, Gerald Alfred  3 Sep 2018Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I20570
9 BERGER, Rosella Margaret  25 Jul 1999Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I85011
10 BERGMAN, Ronald Frank  28 Mar 2016Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I8987
11 BERGMAN, William J  19 Oct 1965Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I78747
12 BESSOT, Marie Amelia  19 Sep 1906Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I27882
13 BEY, Mary Angeline  3 Mar 1934Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I102428
14 BOHMAN, Dorena Anna  22 Feb 2005Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I9677
15 BRUNS, Angelina Elisabeth  4 Jul 1929Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I57485
16 BULCHER, Elizabeth Mary  10 Jun 1945Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I67068
17 CARR, Thelma Eileen  31 Jan 2004Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I35996
18 CORDONNIER, Esther  7 Aug 2000Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I79601
19 CORDONNIER, Valerian C  22 Mar 2005Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I79602
20 COUCHOT, Adaline  14 Nov 1952Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I62114
21 DAPORE, Francis Joseph  21 Feb 1923Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I39220
22 DAPORE, Zita Octavia  1 Apr 1977Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I39361
23 DAVIDSON, Bernard Francis  16 Jan 2003Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I35995
24 DEMANGE, Martin  1 Dec 1950Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I87171
25 DIDIER, Elizabeth Mary  14 Aug 1966Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I71552
26 DREES, Edward Urban  20 Mar 1995Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I26489
27 FRANCIS, Bernadette M  2 Feb 2001Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I48789
28 FRANCIS, Constance L  23 Jul 2018Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I31979
29 FRANCIS, John Peter  15 Jan 1947Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I66926
30 FRANCIS, Marie Rose  3 Sep 1994Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I66927
31 GEHRET, Anthony J  28 Mar 2018Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I7706
32 GEHRET, Mildred M  14 Mar 2019Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I35205
33 GEORGE, Bertha A  9 Feb 2013Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I22543
34 GOETTEMOELLER, William A  24 Sep 2013Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I9060
35 GOFFENA, Michael  Msay 17, 1922Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I64138
36 GOUBEAUX, Alfreda Magaline  2 May 1986Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I46296
37 GOUBEAUX, Amos B Sebastian  20 Sep 1944Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I79201
38 GOUBEAUX, Eleanora Clara  28 May 1980Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I105486
39 GRIESHOP, Albert Joseph  7 Jun 2015Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I62117
40 GRIESHOP, Caroline Mary  24 Sep 1955Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I81397
41 GRILLIOT, Ralph Clarence  17 Feb 2002Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I14623
42 GRILLOT, Albert George  4 Jul 1954Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I48213
43 GRILLOT, Ann Marguerite  20 Oct 1902Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I48227
44 GRILLOT, John Nicholas  26 Mar 1902Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I95780
45 GRISEZ, Bertha L  16 Jan 1997Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I55358
46 GROFF, Joseph Leo  6 Dec 2001Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I79695
47 GROFF, Norbert E  23 Nov 1980Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I35027
48 GROGEAN, Robert  13 Mar 2015Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I66886
49 GUILLOZET, Franklin L  14 Apr 1952Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I3681
50 HARNING, Mary A  2 Dec 1931Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I90608

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALBERS, Marleise  13 Mar 1997Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I5246


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BERTKE, Charles Bernard  Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I5577
2 BULCHER, Peter Francis  Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I36719
3 BULCHER, Pierre Francois Burtcher  Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I66993
4 PEQUIGNOT, William Ralph  Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I57657
5 SCHMITMEYER, Ted  Versailles, Darke County, Ohio I3640


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BOHMAN / GRILLIOT  5 Aug 1967Versailles, Darke County, Ohio F1233
2 CORDONNIER / GEHRET  9 Jul 1988Versailles, Darke County, Ohio F1510
3 DREES / HARTZELL  30 Jun 1982Versailles, Darke County, Ohio F9733
4 FORSTHOEFEL / RETHMAN  1 Sep 1990Versailles, Darke County, Ohio F1827
5 POEPPELMAN / BERTKE  8 Sep 1951Versailles, Darke County, Ohio F6453
6 SEGER / RISMILLER  14 Aug 1976Versailles, Darke County, Ohio F34715